Saturday, May 29, 2010

Share the love, Spread the word

Since quitting back in February, I have been meaning to send out an email to family, family and literally everyone I know, announcing my new business venture.  The idea was brought to my attention in an article I read a while back about starting your own business.  

I wanted to paste that email here and maybe this will help promote Hip-Threads just a little more.  

Good Morning friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, and maybe some of you I barely know.  

 (Thanks to the magic of g-mail which keeps every single email address that you have ever emailed in your life) 

You are receiving this email because I would like to announce that I have taken my home sewing/designing business,, full time this past winter.  After a lot of thought, and 6 years of doing on the side, I decided to believe in myself and try to make this part time hobby a full time business!  
Just as I was about to quit full time work, an opportunity presented itself for me to contract part time (16 hours for 6 months) for the Colorado Central Cancer Registry.  This work I do mostly from home and it's been a great learning experience and stepping stone down from full time work.  I hope to be able to continue contracting part time after my current job expires. 

This past winter and spring have been *so* much fun for me; I spend my days sewing, hiking, writing and working at my leisure.  This has been one of the best decisions Josh and I have ever made; and I finally feel like I am doing what I was meant to do in life!  

The intent of this email is to share some information about where I will be vending this summer; to give you information about Hip-threads and my business, and how you can help my business grow if you'd like.  

This summer I am very excited about vending at one of the Denver Farmers Markets.  It will be the market on the 1500 Block of Boulder ST in Denver. This is near the Platte River; and most notably (to me) the huge REI store near I-25.  The market is on Saturday from 9am-1pm and Hip-Threads will be vending once per month; the dates are:  

June 19th
July 17th -
August 14th -
September 11th -

October 2nd 

You can find these dates on my website's home page, just scroll down;

I am trying to spread the word about my booth in hopes to get a big turnout, so please spread the word about the market to anyone you know who is in the Denver area, or might be traveling here this summer.  In my booth you will find handmade skirts, summer sundresses, tank tops, bags, children's clothing, as well as handmade quilted wall hangings with a Colorado theme (great gifts or souvenirs); gemstone necklaces and earrings; handmade greeting cards, hair accessories including headbands and bobby pins.  Nearly every single item is one of a kind, and most are made with organic, eco-friendly or recycled/vintage materials so that you can feel good about what you are buying!  

I also sell my items online, for those of you not in the area.  
My website is;  

The look of the site will be changing very soon thanks to the help of my friend Jim who has done a lot of work to help design and create a more user friendly website.  
You can join my mailing list and you will get emails about two times per month when I have updated my website with new items or sales from my regular business email  Go to my website and scroll down to enter your email in the box or you can also just reply back to this email and let me know if you'd like to join my mailing list and I will add you myself.  

I also sell lots of items in my etsy shop; which is very simple and easy to use if you haven't tried before.  Etsy is a website that sells only handmade items.  
Here is my etsy shop:

In this age of new technology comes new ways to market your business; one website that has done a lot for me is facebook.  If you are on facebook, please "fan" or "like" my page.

To do this; go to the link above and if you are not a fan yet, you should see a gray "like" button at the top of the page; click it.  
You can also share Hip-Threads with other facebook friends.  To do this; go to my page and under my photograph there is a link that says "suggest to friends"  click this and all of your friends will pop up in a box.  You can suggest my page to all of your friends and they will get an email with a link to check out my site.  I'd really like to hit 500 fans by the end of the summertime; I have 316 fans today.  
One last thing that I could really use on facebook is "fan photos."  If you own a Hip-Threads item, whether it's clothing, jewelry, or whatever; take a photo of yourself in the item and upload it to my facebook page.  To do this, to go my facebook page, scroll down and on the left side there is a box under my photo albums that says "Fan Photos".  You can upload a pic of yourself in your Hip-threads item there; I have none as of right now...who will be the first? 

In my "spare" time, I have been writing about hiking and camping in Colorado on my blog; Trail and Park Reviews.  The writing has taken the backburner while I sew frantically to stock a booth for the farmers market, along with purchasing everything needed to display my items, but I hope to write more consistently after the first market is over with.  This site is great if you are looking for a place to hike or camp or even just a park to play in, around Colorado.

Maybe you know someone who might be interested in hiking, or who is visiting the area, please send along the above link!  

Additionally, I write about our life in general in my HipThreads blog.

I have been writing in this blog since 2007 and recently transferred it over to a new host.  The posts go really far back starting with our 2007California trip.  When my new website is open, the posts will also be on the blog section of my homepage. 
You can follow either of those blogs by clicking the gray "follow" button on the right side of the page.  

As a big thanks to all of you who read this far; please accept 15% OFF your first entire purchase at Hip-Threads in 2010!   This can be used either on my website or in my etsy shop or at my Farmers Market Booth.  If you would like to use it online; please email me with what items you'd like to purchase and mention "welcome email" and I will discount your purchase.  Or if you would like to use it at the farmers market, please just mention the "welcome email discount" and I will give you 15% off!  

Again, please share this email or any of my websites with anyone who you think might be interested.  I'd greatly appreciate it! 
Here are a list of links again:

Websites  (you will find farmers market dates here)  (easy way to purchase hip-threads items)

Facebook  (please "like" me and suggest to friends, upload your hip-threads photos)

Blogs  (our crazy life in Colorado blog)  (hiking/camping in Colorado blog)

Thanks so much for your support, 
Jennifer Mason (Rainey)

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