Monday, October 25, 2010


Taken at Nora Fabrics and Fiber in Westcliffe, CO, etsy
Wow, it's been a long time since I updated here!  The past month has been a mix of busy and bordeom and I am trying to deal with this mix while staying at home and being productive.  My contract job ended September 1st, and since then I haven't had any steady work, so I am staying at home trying to grow my business and take care of the house.  Unfortunately, business has been really slow this season, and I am just trying to make ends meet and earn enough money for our bills each month, unsuccessfully.  But, just because things are slow doesn't mean I am giving up! 
I am currently offering a "make me an offer" Sale for all clothing, if you like an item, make me a fair offer and it's yours (plus shipping).  Message me if you are interested, here is the link to my website. 
I have been adding photos to my new etsy shop that I have taken during hikes and other times and I hope that maybe I can sell a few.  I have always loved taking photos and it's really fun to display my favorites.  Also, do you know that I have another blog, a hiking blog that I update bi-weekly?  Well, you should check it out here.
Last weekend Josh and I had our 6 year wedding anniversary and we took a trip through the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado and spent time camping and hiking in the area with our new Chalet.  We had a blast and I took numerous photos; here are some of my favorites. 
Reflection on the water, find in my etsy shop
Beautiful aspen trees; looking through the Aspens in my etsy shop

Leaves on the trail, remind me of cross country season! 
Self portrait on our hike to Spud Lake

Our Chalet :)  We love her!

Rock sniffing some wild animals on our hike to Spud Lake

Views of Ski resort at Sunset.  wow!

Aren't we cute?

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