Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our new camper ~ Chalet

We bought a camper today ~ we have been looking for about a year for a small, reasonably priced, camper that we could tow up mountains in Colorado.   I love tent camping, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon; but we can't camp in the winter and sometimes it's nice to be off the ground and out of the rain.  The Chalet is hard sided and foldes up into an A-Frame; it has a double bed on one side and twin bed that converts to a kitchen table and seats.  There is also a propane stove and sink; plus, the best part is a small portable potty!  The potty wasn't a necessity, but it sure will be nice to not run outside and pee in the woods; in the middle of the cold Colorado nights.  Twice, I have had coyotes around me when going to the bathroom outside and that was pretty scary!   A potty will sure be a step up in the world!  
Plus, I am a little worried about having kiddos in a tent, and I don't want to give up camping when we have a baby; or when I am pregant.  We are excited to take it out this weekend; after the farmers market on Saturday. 
Here are some more pics of our Chalet. 
I will recover the cushins right away, and we already started painting over the crappy wall paper.

This is the double bed/couch.  I will again re-finish the cushins.

Inside, its pretty sunny, but bad curtains and stove and sink

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