Monday, March 5, 2012

Following up on baby sleep schedule and new etsy items!

I finally got another chance to blog, something that I have been thinking about for weeks since my last post!  Since then, I have gotten a little more organized; I have been writing down Magnolia's schedule on a calender tool that I found,, and she has been a little more regular with her sleep schedule, but nothing definitive.  She takes a morning nap, afternoon nap, and a bunch of catnaps in between.  While she doesn't go down for rest at the same time each day;  I am hoping that we can work toward that in the future so that I can have some predictable work time.
The calender tool that I found is called Cozi (; it just so happens that it's the same tool that Josh and I have been using for our grocery list for the past 6 months, and I decided to try to use it for everything else too.  While its not ideal for what I need, it is the best that I can find so far.  I am able to use the calender tool to write down Magnolia's daily naps, feedings and other information; cozi also has a shopping list where I jot down groceries and other items that we need and it interfaces with Josh's email so that he logs in and sees what is on the list and can add his own items.  The calender also has a  "to do" list that we use for what needs to be done around the house and there is even a 'meal list' where you can save recipes that you enjoy.  The downfalls are that the recipes don't show up as images, just links, and the calender doesn't interface with other social media tools.  However, while its not perfect, its usable and that is what I am looking for right now.

Magnolia and I are still working on her schedule and figuring things out together; sometimes I feel like I accomplish my goals each day and get quality time with Magnolia and a few hours of work done while she is napping, but other days everything is still a chaotic mess and I wonder if I am doing anything right!  One of the things that I am really working toward is getting Magnolia to sleep more often, after doing tons of reading on the subject one of the most common themes regarding sleep in babies is - 'sleep begets sleep'.  Meaning, the more a baby sleeps, the more she'll continue to sleep; and if she naps well during the day, chances are that she will sleep better at night.   This is a theory that my friends use with success, so I hopefully can figure it out for Magnolia too.

Aside from getting Magnolia on a schedule and to sleep more often, I have also been really excited about my most recent crafts!  Here are some of my newest items, please take a look and let me know what you think!  I have lots more in the works and lots more presently done that I just need to find time to post.

This is a one of a kind prairie pixie hat for your little one.  Made from super soft acrylic yarn, this is great as a photography prop and a cozy warm hat for the little one's head.  Click here for more info.


I have started a new craft called wet felting, and I am absolutely in love with the process and the final product!  Using organic sheep roving, I wet down the roving to felt it into headbands, belts and other items.  Check out the headband above here or check out my etsy shop for more items.


One of a kind leg warmers!  These warmers are great for all seasons, and a stylish new way to stay warm wearing a skirt, leggins, or shorts!  Check out the warmers in my etsy shop here.

These items and several others can be found in my etsy shop; check it out here!

What crafts are you working on right now?  I'd love to hear what you are up to or what you think about my newest items!


  1. Good for you for sticking with your schedule. I'm really trying hard to work on that as well and I don't even have a baby to dictate it, lol!

  2. Hi! I used to follow your hiking blog for a while, my screen name was "exploring the country one hospital at a time". Anyway I got pregnant and wasn't following as much and now I found you again and see you also just had a baby. Anyway don't know if you've heard of colorado mountain mamas, but such a fun group to get involved with. Hiking with our babies! I also like your felted headband and the pixie hat. I've picked up knitting for my baby. Not nearly as good as you but love to see your creations.