Thursday, June 7, 2012

Am I hearing things? I think I am....

Can you hear her crying?  I can!
Ever since we had Magnolia and brought this little bundle joy home, I've heard a baby crying.  Lots of it. 
Magnolia cries a lot, or at least she did until 6 months of age; but even when she's not actually crying, I can still hear her.  Do other mom's have this?   There are days where I can barely get the crying out of my head and I wonder; am I going a little crazy?   Am I going to hear phantom baby cries for the rest of my life? 

Not only do I hear her cry, but I hear her laugh, I hear the musical toys playing and I hear her squealing.  The other night, her musical toy kept playing over and over as I sat downstairs as I was relaxing on the couch, and I couldn't understand why my husband was not turning to toy off, surely it was annoying him too?!  Finally, I went upstairs and quickly realized, there is no toy playing music, I'm just hearing things again. 

Sometimes, I can hear her laughing too; the other night I was very sure she was playing in her crib and babbling, but when I looked at our camera, she was sound asleep.  A few months back, when my parents were visiting and Magnolia was very colicky, I said to my father; I just hear baby cries all the time and I can't stand it!  He said;  'you'll be hearing that for a long time.'  At least he understood what I meant, and, I thought, he probably heard baby cries for a long time after I was born because I was also a fussy baby.
A few months back, I was telling my friends about hearing Magnolia cry all the time and one father said to me; 'well all babies cry.'  I wanted to kick him in the shins right there, or better yet, I wanted to leave my child with him for a few hours and see what he thinks about that statement after spending some time with her.  Yes, all babies do cry, but some cry more than others.  Magnolia spent months crying everyday for hours on end, not 1 hour or two hours but 4-5-6 hours on end!   I remember reading the definition of colic; crying for more than 3 hours per day for more than 3 days per week for more than 3 weeks, and I thought to myself, if she ONLY cried for 3 hours per day that would be a blessing!  

So, needless to say, I hear baby cries all the time now.  Is this something I'll be hearing for the rest of my life?  Do all mama's hear phantom cries/toys/laughter of their child or does it go away with time?   As I write this, it helps me to realize how changed I am as a mother from a singleton (no kids); life will never be the same again and even though I hear screaming in my head, nothing can take the joy away from seeing Magnolia's face when she smiles. 


  1. I don't hear phantom crying and laughter,but I have another odd phantom that I have noticed. Have you ever had the phantom "vibration", where you think that your phone is vibrating, only to find that it is just your leg, or your arm, etc...? Well, with Reuben, I have been getting phantom "wet" feelings! After all of the breastmilk spills, spit ups, and accidents from the other direction, I actually get phantom "wet" feelings, only to find they weren't real!

  2. Those pics are priceless :)

    Maybe you should pop open beer bottles and try hearing that noise instead.


  3. I agree Bobbie...and sometimes I do :)