Saturday, June 2, 2012

Monthly Milestone Photos

A few months ago I found this idea from a blogger on pinterest; take a good photo of your child and add all of their monthly milestones to it!  I loved the idea, mostly because it's easy and fun to make.  I found the idea when Magnolia was 4 months old, and created a photo for each month, even though it was hard to find photos that offered space to type.  For her 6 month birthday I did a photo shoot (basically dressed her in something cute and took a bunch of photos), chose one that I liked that offered space to type, and then waited until the end of the month to fill it in.  Magnolia will be turning 7 months old on the 5th (where did the time go?) and I'll do another photo shoot for her pretty soon.  I hope to create a frame for all of the photos, maybe for a year, or maybe longer; we'll see...
This is really easy to do; here are some steps; take a ton of photos, as many as you can, and pick a couple that you like that would be easy to type on.  Download picasa or some other (free) photo editing program and upload the photo.  Do any other editing like brightening the colors or adding a border if you like, and then choose the text option and type on the photo.  Save it and you are done!  Easy-peasey and fun too! 
Here are two of my favorites from months past. 

What do you do to preserve the memories of your child?  Please post a comment and share! 

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