Thursday, April 11, 2013

Will I ever get these kid songs out of my head?

Seriously.  I can't stop singing 'kid songs,' it was over a week ago that I let Magnolia play with the tablet on kids mode; she likes to play videos and listen to the same songs, over and over again.  
When I really need some time to make dinner, or just a break from playing with her all day, I break out the tablet and let her play games.  Then, while she is playing, I suffer through, "Hold Still, Wiggle-wiggle-wiggle, GO!" and "I don't wanna go slow, I go fast" while I try to cook dinner.  
Then, apparently for the next month, the price to pay for making dinner was wake up singing these songs, going to sleep singing these songs; over and over, I sing these songs.  Because I am a big dork, I will break into song and dance at random times with these silly songs, which really cracks Magnolia up, but it reminds me that I am in full-on 'mom' mode now.  All about baby, all the time.  

My husband and I joke about the days when we used to be cool, and listen to fun music and have happy hour instead of tea party.  He, too, gets these songs stuck in his head, (although not as much as me).  I remember the days where my mind was clutter free (well, sorta) and I was able to remember something for more than 5 minutes, and there was a lot of peacefulness in our house.  Right now, I think I'm due for a babysitter and a solo hike in the upcoming weeks, when the weather gets a little warmer.  Time for myself is as important as time with my family.  
What do other moms do to find some peace and quiet, and to de-clutter the busy mind?

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