Friday, April 29, 2011

(First Trimester) Sharing the news with immediate family!

Josh and I had taken a trip to Florida recently and I was talking with my grandmother about pregnancy; she told me that each time she announced her pregnancies (all 5 of them) she put a pair of booties on the Christmas Tree. I am not sure how she ended up having Christmas at the right time, each time, but that’s how it worked out for her. She also mentioned that my Great Aunt Hazel would say after the 3rd baby; “oh another one, really?” This cracked me up!
I wanted to share the news with my immediate family in a creative away, and after hearing her story I decided to get booties for my parents, grandparents and mother in law and send them in the mail with a note. I had already spilled the news to my sister on the phone about a week prior, she was very excited, as I expected 

I sent Josh to pick up some booties for the packages and after several hours, he came home with 3 pairs of gray socks that weren’t even infant socks; I scoffed, and “What is this, why would you pick up gray socks?” So now we have 3 pairs of socks for our 1 year old; but no booties. I was a little annoyed, but also found it pretty funny and decided we needed to go together to pick up the booties. Of course the store had only 2 pairs, so we decided to send Josh’s mom a little bib.
My parents were vacationing in Hawaii for two weeks and so I waited to send the packages until they were nearing the end of the trip, so that everyone would find out at about the same time. I mailed out the packages on Saturday from Colorado to Michigan, and my mother in law called me bright and early Monday morning, she had already received them! Now, I mail stuff for my business ( all the time, and never does a first class package arrive so quickly; I got a huge laugh out of that. We chatted and she was very excited for her 10th grandchild. I also think that Josh will be such a great dad and she is excited to see him in that role.

My grandparents called on Tuesday, they had gotten the package quickly as well, they were very excited and my gramma loved that we sent booties to share the news!

Finally, on Wednesday my parents arrived home, and they opened their package and called immediately. They talked to me on speaker phone, the both of them, so it was hard to hear much except for their excitement! It was great to have everyone be so thrilled with the news, and it helped me to become more excited myself, instead of the anxious-nervousness that I was feeling. My mom started calling me “little mama” which I thought was pretty cute, and I told Josh and my girlfriends that and it stuck, so I get “little mama” from Josh now too 
Sharing the news has been one of my favorite experiences so far during this pregnancy and I will never forget the love and excitement that I felt from everyone. That is priceless.

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